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"have you ever dated someone and you just knew, from the first time you met her (him), that she (he) was the one you wanted to spend your life with? As you laughed and talked and marveled together, you felt your love deepen to a heart bond that you knew you never wanted to free yourself from. And have you ever been shocked to find one day that the one you loved so deeply and who you thought loved you just as passionately, had been dating other guys (girls) and, moreover, was spending more and more of her (his) time with your worst enemy? Have you ever had to literally turn a lover over to a mortal enemy to allow her (him) to find our for herself (himself) what his (her) intentions toward her (him) really were? Have you ever had to lie in bed knowing she (he) was believing his (her) lies and was having sex with him (her) every night? Have you ever sat helplessly by in a parking lot, while your enemy and his (her) friends took turns raping your lover even as you sat nearby, unable to win her (his) heart enough so she (he) would trust you to rescue her (him)? Have you ever called this one you had loved for so long, even the day after her (his) rape, and asked her (him) if she (he) was ready to come back to you only to have her (him) say her (his) heart was still captured by your enemy? Have you ever watched your lover's beauty slowly diminish and fade in a haze of alcohol, drugs, occult practices, and infant sacrifice until she (he) is no longer recognizable in body or soul? Have you ever loved one so much that you even send your only son to talk with her (him) about your love for her (him), knowing that he will be killed by her (him)? (And in spite of knowing all of this, he was willing to do it because he loved her (him), too, and believed you were meant for each other.)

"All this and more God has endured because of his refusal to stop loving us. Indeed the very depth and faithfulness of his love for us, along with his desire for our freely given love in return, are what give Satan the ammunition to wound God so deeply as he carries out his unceasing campaign to make us into God's enemy."

i know this is hard to read but bare with me, God loves us so much that he lets us decide what we want to do. he's the main character in the passage above. God lets us go and do things he would never have imagined for our lives. God watches us get lured into doing things that he never created us to enjoy, he watches us get tricked time and time again because we don't know any better. God is real love! don't let his love go!
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HEy Guys

I also am new to this community, and would like to say hi and God bless. It has been on my heart to find some other people with a heart for worship. Just a Question, is anyone else here on a worship team? Well anyway like i was saying, i saw this community and my heart jumped.....thanks for creating this community.
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I am new to the community... but I have one request/suggestion for layout. It's really hard to read anyone's posts with the cool letters floating across the page. Is there anyway we could modify that?


Worship with your whole heart.

I've noticed that when I break out of my shyness and really worship God, that people always come up to me and tell me what a worshipper I am. That's always what I'm known for. Practically every time I get prohecied over, it starts with, "I was watching you worship..."

I wonder if we all worshipped God with our whole hearts, if things wouldn't be so moving for everyone. I wonder if everyone else just hides in a shell, and the reason that God blesses me so much through my worship is because I let Him take over. I can't help it though, it makes me feel so free.

I think everyone should cut loose, stop caring about how we look or who's watching us, and be ourselves. Be willing to get sweaty every Sunday dancing around and jumping for Jesus, not that we will, or that we will be compelled to do so, but have an open heart to worship God in whatever way is most beneficial for the both of you.

HxC Pray Day ♪♫

When: The first saturday of every month.
Next Pray Day: Saturday April 3.

How To Participate:
Matthew 18:19-20: "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done, for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

While you go about your day (the first saturday of each month) take some time to pray now and then for the spiritual hardcore bands you love.
Pray that they stay strong in the spirit.
Pray that they aquire the resources needed to continue spreading the word of God.
Pray that more bands rise up to preach the word.
Pray that more people will come to know the Lord thru HxC music.
Pray for anything you can think of.
If we all remember to pray every few hours on the same day, we will begin to see some amazing blessings for the scene!
Thank you for joining us!

To learn more, visit the Prayday website.

God is Faithful

God is Faithful.

Yes, I want a color bar of my very own. Spread it like butter. Peanut butter.

The Code:
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="75%">
<TD width="12%" bgColor=violet>&nbsp;</TD>
<TD width="12%"
<TD width="12%" bgColor=blue>&nbsp;</TD>
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<TD width="12%" bgColor=yellow>&nbsp;</TD>
<TD width="12%" bgColor=orange>&nbsp;</TD>
<TD width="12%"
<TD align=middle colSpan=7><A href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/xtravagance/72385.html" target=_new>God is Faithful.</A></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></CENTER>

The Purpose:
Genesis 9 [MSG REMIX]
[12]This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and everything living around you and everyone living after you. I'm putting my rainbow in the clouds, a sign of the covenant between me and you and everything living, that never again will floodwaters destroy all life. When the rainbow appears in the cloud, I'll see it and rememeber the eternal covenant between God and everything living, every last living creature on earth.

This is one of the many promises God has give us throughout the Scriptures.

Most people think the only colors of a rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, but a rainbow is actually made up of an entire continuum of colors—even colors the eye can't see! [read more.] So are God's promises and purposes for those promises more complex than we tend to see with the naked eye, or tend to consider with our feeble minds.

There may not be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but there are streets of gold at the end of our time.

Post this (the code above) in your livejournal and/or profile if you believe that God is faithful to all His promises. Please leave a comment on my entry if you do, I would love to see how far this travels. God bless.

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